National Humiliation in Europe

Does anyone else feel a sense of shame, of national humiliation, at the spectacle of the Prime Minister pleading for concessions from Europe? I don’t mean it is humiliating because it looks like Britain going cap-in-hand, it is what we are asking for. Cameron says he is ‘battling for Britain’. Well he is not battling for me. He wants to reduce benefits for the families of migrant workers and protect the interests of the city; to take bread out of the mouths of Polish children and put even more money into the pockets of financiers. On what conceivable criteria is this ‘in the national interest’?

Apart from humiliation I confess to a feeling of despair. The ‘establishment’, the media, the public face of Britain, has offered no challenge to this self-interested and selfish whingeing, the exploitation of people’s worst instincts. It has been turned it into a soap opera.

And just as shamefully ‘the people’ of Britain have been silent. Perhaps the progressive voices in trade unions and community and campaigning organisations have been intimidated by the infantile xenophobia we get so much of, or share enough of it to look the other way.

For weeks it has been reported that Jeremy Corbyn is about to make a speech defying the demonisation of migrant workers and denouncing the nonsense Cameron is engaged in. Time he spoke up!

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