Air Strikes, then Ground Troops

Don’t anyone say they couldn’t see it coming. Cameron’s soon-to-be-announced grand ‘strategy’ for the defeat of ISIS (ISIL) will demand an extension of the bombing from Iraq to Syria but everyone knows that air power will not win the war. Who supplies ground troops? Assad is already hard pressed;  Turkey is still fighting the Kurds while they fight ISIS; Saudi Arabia is funding jihadists. Cameron does not have it within his power to deliver a ‘strategy’. There may or may not be a deal with Russia about the future of Assad but even this would remove only one element in the multiple civil wars raging in the Middle East. Military intervention has not secured peace or even a stable government anywhere, not in Iraq, or Libya, or Syria. Extending the bombing will be the prelude to a wider war, and one that Britain is drawn into more deeply than ever. The distance between the deployment of air power and ground troops is shrinking rapidly every day.

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