British values? What a shame.

We are sending sniffer dogs and fences to Calais, and more security guards too. At home asylum seekers denied asylum are to be left destitute, all support withdrawn. We are being really tough. We have to make these people suffer. People who have suffered more than most of us can imagine, must suffer even more because we do not want them. That they are fleeing from war and persecution does not seem to matter. It doesn’t seem to matter that we had a hand in the wars and persecution that have washed people up on the shores of the Mediterranean and France. We want to close the door, pull the blinds, refuse to acknowledge our own responsibility or common humanity. It is deeply shameful.

Are these the much vaunted British values that politicians boast about? If they are, they are not worth much. Do the British people actually agree with what is being done in their name? Many appear to – shame on them. Many do not, but hardly a peep of protest has penetrated the fog of hatred and meanness that is the real barrier migrants must cross. Shame on us too.

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